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Cleanse, Purify your space with this sacred smudge bundle that has been charged with Reiki energy, love & positive intentions
Kit Includes all the essentials: 
- White Sage 6" bundle 
- Abalone Shell (approx. 5 inches)
- Feather (approx. 9 inches)


Sage Smudging is the common name given to the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing, a powerful cleansing technique from the Native American tradition – but essentially it refers to the art of cleansing your self and your environment using simple ritual and ceremony. Our homes, objects and bodies do not consist of purely physical matter; they also vibrate with subtle, invisible energy. Cleansing a space or our bodies with techniques such as smudging clears away all the emotional and psychic debris that may have gathered, perhaps over hundreds of years. It’s like spiritual spring-cleaning.


Each Abalone shell is natural and unique so do expect some color and minor size variance from the posted picture. The backs may have cuts, scrapes, holes, scars and blemishes.  Some of the edges may have an odd small chip. Some have a clear glaze or polished interior to reveal beautiful shades of greens, blues and silver and many other colors, many with some black accents. These shells are perfect for smudging ceremonies and can also burn resins, etc. They also can act as a storage home for your smudge sticks or as a beautiful natural home decoration, great for holding and displaying tumble stones,crystals etc.

White Sage Smudge Kit