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Jill Gerena is the founder of the shop. She was raised in Miami, Florida but has lived in New York since 2006. Her first job in NY was at Original Products Botanica located in the Bronx, NY in 2006. There she worked for Lady Rhea a very well known tarot reader and author of "The Enchanted Candle Book," and was exposed to Santeria & Candle Magic. She was a candle carver, and here she learned much about candle magic and the power of intention. In 2007 she decided to quit and spent the next years switching from one job to the next, making a living in a harsh and aggressive urban environment, disconnected from herself spiritually and emotionally. She had dreams and aspirations when she first came to NY at the age of 20, in search of excitement and personal fulfillment but she soon became disillusioned with the fast lifestyle that comes with living in the city. For a few years she was unhappy, frustrated and lost...until she finally decided to face the situation once and for all and make radical changes for the best.

In 2016 she finally realized she should have stayed on a more spiritual path. After falling into a major depression and denying the spiritual side of her life for couple of years, she set out to Peru to dig deeper into herself  with hopes of finding her true purpose. Here she was introduced to Ayahuasca and Kambo which completely changed her life for the better.

In June 2018, She became a Certified Kambo Practitioner and spiritual consultant. By opening up this shop she hopes to share affordable uplifting energizing items for the mind, body and home. 

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