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White Sage has been used for centuries by many people as a way to cleanse and purify their surroundings. These little wands are the perfect size for cleansing your room or just to light briefly as incense. This white sage has been naturally harvested and gathered in California and then hand tied with string.


How to use: light the tip of the sage wand and allow it to smoke. Move around the room you want to cleanse in a clockwise motion, paying special attention to the corners, where negative energy tends to collect. Individual sage leaves can also be burned loosely in an incense holder. 

Always use caution when burning. Keep out of reach from children and pets and never leave burning unattended.


This small wand measures approximately  4" in length and 1.25 in diameter.

Small White Sage Smudge Wand Stick

SKU: whitesagewand
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